South Carolina Diamond Invitational Information and History

Welcome to the South Carolina Diamond Invitational!  This is the online resource for the SCDI.  You can also find more information on our Twitter feed (@SCDiamondInvit) and on our Facebook page (SCDiamondInvitational).  Check back frequently for updates!



You can find history, stats, and results for every year of the tournament below!  (Click on the links below)


2019 SCDI  (Champions:  Dorman)

2018 SCDI (Champions: Blythewood)

2017 SCDI  (Champions:  T.L. Hanna)

2016 SCDI  (Champions:  Belton-Honea Path)

2015 SCDI  (Champions:  Summerville)

2014 SCDI  (Champions:  Blythewood)

2013 SCDI  (Champions:  Blythewood)

2012 SCDI  (Champions:  Lexington)

2011 SCDI  (Champions:  South Aiken)