Multiple Teams · Bengals Take Dual Against Columbia and Heathwood Hall

At the last home match of the season on January 19th, Coach Watson recognized 5 seniors during the Senior Night.

The Bengals won against both schools with several pins.

Blythewood beat Heathwood Hall 56 to 24. Individual match results are: 108lbs  Clarkson (HH) pinned Bright, 115lbs  Canino (Bly) pinned Miles, 122lbs  Shepard (Bly) maj. dec. Kuse 12-2, 128lbs  Boseman (Bly) won by Forfeit, 134lbs  Harris (HH) won by Forfeit, 140lbs  Bordeux (HH) pinned Kistler, 147lbs  Marshall (Bly) maj. dec. Olson 11-2, 154lbs  Davis (Bly) won by Forfeit, 162lbs  Quillen (Bly) won by Forfeit, 172lbs  Kimbro (HH) pinned Coward, 184lbs  Flowers (Bly) won by Forfeit, 197lbs  Ely (Bly) won by Forfeit, 222lbs  Jiang (Bly) pinned Avery, and HWY Tucker (Bly) won by Forfeit.


During their second match of the night, the Bengals beat Columbia 45 to 36. Individual match results are: 108lbs  Bright (Bly) won by Forfeit, 115lbs  Canino (Bly) won by Forfeit, 122lbs  Shepard (Bly) won by Forfeit, 128lbs  Boseman (Bly) won by Forfeit, 134lbs  Cannon (Cola) won by Forfeit, 140lbs  Matthews (Cola) pinned Kistler, 147lbs  Marshall (Bly) dec. Broadnax 5-2, 154lbs  Gabert (Bly) pinned Thompson, 162lbs  Broadnax (Cola) pinned Quillen, 172lbs  Green (Cola) pinned Coward, 184lbs  Boone (Cola) pinned Flowers, 197lbs  Ely (Bly) pinned Belton, 222lbs  Goodwin (Cola) pinned Jiang, and HWY Tucker (Bly) pinned Washington.